2nd Annual
Solid Waste Management Forum

22 - 24 May 2012, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Speakers Helpdesk – Solid Waste Management Forum

Dear Speaker,
This page is designed to assist you with activities regarding the 2nd Annual Solid Waste Management Forum you were chosen to speak at. If it is your first experience with Fleming, or you are a returning presenter, here you will find useful information that will help you for your participation..


PRIOR TO THE 2nd Annual Solid Waste Management Forum

If you are a solo or plenary speaker and providing a presentation, please send your final versions to us two weeks before the conference. We ask that you submit an electronic copy of your presentation. Speakers are able to submit additional relevant materials (white papers etc.) to be hosted online or published in the document pack subject to agreement with the conference producer. Even if you plan to speak off the cuff, we would urge that you submit at least an outline of your speech to us for inclusion on the presentation website. The most consistent complaint that we have from delegates is that not all speakers offer electronic copies of their presentation.
If you are a chairman, or stream chairman, you are responsible for introducing the speakers in your session using the biographies that we will provide for you. You are also responsible for keeping time and fielding questions from the audience. You do not need to be in touch with the speakers in your streams beforehand, but if you would like to pre-arrange a meeting with them to introduce yourself, your conference manager will be happy to provide contact details.
If you are a moderator of a panel, two weeks prior to the start of the event you will be sent the email and phone details of your panellists and you are responsible for communicating with them and co-ordinating the discussion. Based on the written information in the brochure you are responsible for determining the final issues to be debated in the session, their order, aiming to bring out the most interesting and contrasting angles. The Stream Chairman will introduce you and your panellists from the biographies printed in the brochure that will be given to the Stream Chairman prior to the session. You do not need to be in touch with the Stream Chairman in advance.
If you are a panellist, whils you do not need to submit any documentation there may be an opportunity for you to provide two or three slides for inclusion. Two weeks prior to the event you will be sent an email with all the contact details for the other panellists and the moderator for your session. Your moderator will coordinate a discussion to ensure everyone knows what issues will be included in which order. They will most likely arrange a meeting at the venue just prior to the session.
If you would like to book accommodation in the conference hotel, our coordination department will be happy to assist. We offer special discounted rates to our speakers and delegates. The only thing you need to do is to contact our coordination department or the conference producer, let them know the conference you are speaking at and they will do the rest. What should I do if I want to join the speaker panel? Please check the individual conference page and contact the relevant producer.

AT THE 2nd Annual Solid Waste Management Forum

Where is the conference being held and how do I get there? Please click on the venue and dates section on this website.
Arrival: Please report to the event registration desk, where you can collect your badge and discuss your audio-visual requirements with a member of our AV team. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your presentation.
Refreshments: Morning coffee is available before the conference; there will be a mid-morning coffee break with refreshments and food. Lunch is served around midday and there will be a mid-afternoon coffee break. After the close of conference Day 1, all participants are cordially invited to attend a cocktail reception, courtesy of Fleming Europe.
Documentation: All presentations are now made available on a secure website within two weeks after the conference. Login details are provided in the documentation pack.
Chairman Guide: There will be an information pack available from the conference producer which will be handed out at least 30 minutes before the presentation starts.
Dress Code: Business attire is required throughout the conference.
We hope you found this information useful. For more information, do not hesitate the Conference producer or a Conference coordinator who would be happy to assist you with your requests.
We look forward to meeting you at the 2nd Annual Solid Waste Management Forum.
Speakers corner

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